Drawing up a scamp from scratch on my wacom tablet creates something very special for the client. It means that their idea has been drawn up in a fast clear neutral fashion to succinctly determine whether the idea has any further mileage to explore before investing any further studio time in it.

art director scamp


Mobile phone storyboarding.

Storyboard frames and the finished TV ad.

It’s really interesting when I see how my frames compare to the finished commercial. Production company storyboard frames differ from advertising agency frames as they don’t have to be so ‘whizzy’ and ‘colourful’ because they are concerned with the practicality of filming for the director.

Drawing in Photoshop is also helpful because you can address things like depth of field more accurately, as well as adjusting the composition of shots. Frames constructed in layers can even be adjusted by the director after I’ve left the office, or sent them the layered files.

storyboard artist london


Black and white shooting boards.


X Factor TV concept visual.



A little while ago I worked for a production company creating concept visuals for the X Factor, this was really fun as after years of drawing conference visuals and sampling stands in supermarket car parks all the same principles came in to play. Once again all the layers were left in place for the art director to edit themselves if necessary.

Full colour storyboard frames.

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