Black and white shooting boards.

Production style storyboard frames created on my Wacom tablet, I’ve been increasingly working with commercials directors and production companies and I’m really enjoying working in black and white line.




I’m getting increasing amounts of briefs requiring animatic frames, moving limbs, cars, etc. It’s really interesting to bear this in mind whilst drawing in Photoshop layers though they take a little longer to complete. Much of it also seems to be destined for online media, which has opened up an entire new avenue of work for me.



X Factor TV concept visual.



A little while ago I worked for a production company creating concept visuals for the X Factor, this was really fun as after years of drawing conference visuals and sampling stands in supermarket car parks all the same principles came in to play. Once again all the layers were left in place for the art director to edit themselves if necessary.

Full colour storyboard frames.


Quick storyboard frames for a TV commercial concept, very literal and clear. Clean bright colours that can be edited by the Art Director/Producer themselves if need be.


A Colour Storyboard that brings your presentation to life.

Well, another year is almost over, where did 2014 go? I’ve been keeping myself out of mischief scribbling away on my Wacom tablet with various projects, and meeting the usual tight deadlines. Whether it’s been a concept visual for a TV show, or a storyboard that has been used to pitch a commercial for an ad agency, it’s been interesting in so many ways. The result of this, and moving house, has been I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked. However, here’s a small sample of some recent storyboard frames I’ve completed. I hope everyone has a really great Christmas and new year and that you take the time to possibly subscribe to this blog, or even bookmark it for future reference.

storyboard artist

Quick Black and White Production Frames.

Quick production style storyboard frames created on my Wacom tablet, loose and sketchy and very amendable. It’s really interesting working fast when you’ve been doing tight colour stuff for a while. Quite refreshing.

storyboard artist london

Compare the Meerkat frames.

Working in layered Photoshop files means that Art Directors can fine tune the frames long after I’ve left the building, I don’t know how I ever managed to get by without this level of functionality. Everything can be altered, colours, tints, positioning. Nice and fast for those inevitable last minute client changes, so you’re not burning the midnight oil. Hopefully.


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