Hamilton is Boss.

More Hugo Boss frames, I had a really great time time drawing production frames featuring the great Lewis Hamilton.

I enjoy working on content storyboards, it’s a lot more involved and I can often place a lot of creative input in to the filming.

I’m just as comfortable being briefed by a project manager as a producer, art director, or the actual director themselves. We’ll agree everything in the form of rough doodles before we end up getting more committed to the final storyboard.

Call me direct to discuss what I can add to your project, and I’m also more than willing to discuss anything you’re not familiar with.






One thought on “Hamilton is Boss.

  1. Peter, your storyboards are amazing. Thanks so much for explaining your rate to me, it’s very reasonable and I’m so relieved I’m not paying any third party/recruiter an extortionate fee for making a phone call. Speak shortly.

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